Monday, October 26, 2009

"Island Ecstasy" by Frank Tuma (Latin Artist from Florida(FL))

"Island Ecstasy," the new CD from Frank Tuma, is designed to transport us all to the warm Caribbean Islands. It is an instrumental album replete with all the variety of Caribbean style percussive instruments, guitars, and piano, accompanied with a heavy emphasis upon the upbeat and expressive steel drum. On the first track, "Caribbean Dancing," there is a quick and excited beat over which we hear talented steel drumming played at a speed that will baffle and excite the ears. "A Bit of Africa in the Caribbean" is a song that lives up to its title as it is a cool blend of African and Island drum sounds, with flutes and steel drums doing the singing. For the song, "Living My Dreams," Frank slows it down a little and uses his island rhythms as a relaxant. Whether you are already a fan of the sounds of the Caribbean Islands, or appreciate when an album attempts to mentally transport you to another place, then you should give the "Island Ecstasy" CD a try.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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