Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Nothing But Love" by Sal Belloise (Pop artist from Florida (FL))

"Nothing But Love" by Sal Belloise is a blues driven acoustic rock album with a great live/raw quality to it. Sal's vocal performances are the big factor in achieving this sound as they are very clear and nicely produced. The instruments all have a great "Room" sound and the arrangements and lyrics are creative. Throw all of these factors together and you get an album that sounds like it was recorded in a coffee shop....but in a good way. The acoustic guitar work on the CD is impressive. Highlights include the title track "Nothing But Love," which has a catchy chorus, a standout bass line and some nice harmony in the vocals. "Wonderful Day" has some intricacy to it with tricky rhythms and changes, yet it is very listenable. Great blues riff too. "Wave of Life" has another awesome blues riff and more good vocal harmony. If you enjoy adult rock acoustic artists, give Sal a try.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"I Stand" by Shuntai (Reggae Artist from Orlando, Florida(FL))

"I Stand" by Shuntai shouts out to the Lord in the form of reggae. It is undoubtedly an expression of faith and the teachings of Christ. Aside from the powerful content, the music is top-notch. The sound is full and the arrangements are fresh and uplifting. Shuntai has a nice reggae voice and his delivery is soulful. Highlights include "Christian Soldiers Get Fired Up," which could probably be considered the "Anthem" of the album and features some cool vocal effects, a nice beat and airy guitar. "Sons and Daughters of America" delivers a powerful message and pleases your ears with an array of sounds."Fire Burning Deep Inside" wraps it up nicely with ultra happy organ lines. If you like Bob Marley or religious reggae, you'll enjoy this one.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team

"Outlaws and Renegades" by Galloway and Kelliher (Country Artist from Florida(FL))

"Outlaws and Renegades" by Galloway and Kelliher is a hard hittin' country rock album with a southern rock attitude. It is an album put together by veterans of some 20 years, and it shows. There is a great deal of energy coming through the speakers when listening to these tracks, with solid arrangements and good musicianship. The vibe is positive. The lyrics are delivered well, sound good and are well harmonized at the right time. Highlights are the opener "Rebel Rock," with heavy guitars, attitude and an intent to rock the house."Virginia Moon" has a nice relationship between saxophone and guitar, and a strong vocal performance. "She's Got the Rhythm" is your classic southern rock tune with some fine guitar and harmonica work. If you like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers, you'll enjoy this one.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

“Been To The River” by J R Roberts (Spiritual Artist from Gainesville Jacksonville, Florida(FL))

RadioIndy is pleased to present J R Roberts with a GrIndie award for his CD "Been To The River"!
"Been To The River" by J R Roberts is a unique cross between traditional blues and today's contemporary Christian music. The musicianship, songwriting, and recording quality of this CD is very impressive. Opening with the blues-groove "You Are King," listeners are immediately introduced to J R's soulful and powerful vocals. It is clear that J R has quite a keenness for crafting memorable songs. Lyrically, these tunes are perfect for the congregational worship setting. J R showcases his unrefined country blues side with the very intimate title-track, "Been To The River." Moreover, "Jesus Be The Lord Of My Life" ventures into the adult-contemporary genre and demonstrates J R's vocal and musical versatility. All in all, this CD flaunts a wide appeal to fans of gospel, blues, jazz, and adult-contemporary and is well worth a listen.
-Xavier P. and RadioIndy.com
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"A Thought" by Bob and the Fritsch (Rock artist from Florida (FL))

"A Thought" by Bob and the Fritsch is a twistedly eclectic collection of songs that are a reflection of a journey through one man's mind - Bob's mind, that is. The sound is experimental and is influenced by 60's Brit rock and surf music. Your ears will stand at attention while listening to this album. It is unpredictable and creative while retaining a classic sound. Highlights include the title track, "A Thought". Bob's throaty spoken word vocals mixed with beautiful surf progressions combine to produce a winner. "Duality" has a nice bouncy rhythm mixed with unassuming guitar tracks. "Microscopic Dot" features a beautifully played acoustic guitar progression and gets intimate with Bob's voice. If you like Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen, give this album a try.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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