Wednesday, February 27, 2008

“The Griffin Anthony EP" by Griffin Anthony (Pop Artist from Florida(FL))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Griffin Anthony with a GrIndie award for their CD "The Griffin Anthony EP"!
Griffin Anthony's self-titled debut EP is a remarkable pop/acoustic collection that radiates amazing musical talent and ingenious songwriting. Griffin's fast-paced, blues-inspired melodies and acoustic guitar work are simply hypnotic and contagious! Add Griffin's stunningly persuasive and soulful voice to these melodic arrangements and what do you get? An extremely impressive and enjoyable CD! "Sleepy Sunday" shows off all the brilliant aspects of "The Griffin Anthony EP": smooth vocals, flowing melodies, groovy instrumentation, and just-right production! Moreover, "If She Only Knew" stands out as particularly memorable and passionate. There's no mistaking that this debut places Griffin in the major league, right next to some of today's top artists, such as John Mayer and the Dave Matthews Band!
-Xavier P. and
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Mary Jane” by Pain (Hip-Hop Artist from Daytona, Florida(FL))

"Mary Jane" by Pain is a single track CD with strong lyrical prowess and charismatic flow. The beat, flow, and lyrical presence, which are all richly southern, are very well complimented by the guest singer whose soulful voice is a highlight of the track. Part of what makes "Mary Jane" such a catchy song is the abundance of cleverly used similes and metaphors within it, such as the consistent reference to "Mary Jane" as a girlfriend. Clearly, the lyrics are professional grade. The southern style, lyrical charisma, and energetic flow of this song make it something to move to and enjoy.
-Joel and the Team

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Something Old...Something New" by Full Circle (Pop Artist from Jacksonville, Florida(FL))

"Something Old...Something New" by Full Circle is a CD that features the excellent vocals of these talented young singers. The backing music and production are very high quality, giving the CD a polished sound. The CD includes both original tracks as well as well-known covers, which provides a nice song mix. One of the highlights of the CD are the effective rich choir harmonies on tracks such as "No Hard Feelings" and "Jealousy." Of the many excellent lead vocal performances on the CD, our favorites include the powerful female lead vocals on "Through the Fire" and "Now That It's Over." The tracks on this CD, which feature this talented young group of singers, are well worth a listen for any R&B-pop music fan.
-RadioIndy Reviewer Team

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

“Six Pointed Star” by Tania Shana Yegelwel (Spiritual Artist from Florida(FL))

The "Six Pointed Star" CD-single by Tania Shana Yegelwel is a chilling and heart-wrenching song that pays tribute to the millions whose lives were taken during the Holocaust. Taking a very literal and straight-forward lyrical approach, this song proudly declares "I wear around my neck this six pointed star, for the six million, remember who they are." Musically, this single assumes an easy listening sound. Beautiful piano, string, and flute arrangements set to a backdrop of a native drum beat gives this song a very interesting edge that nicely accompanies Tania's strong vocals. Additionally, the background vocals are skillfully placed and add a very real sense of depth and emotion. To top things off, "Six Pointed Star" flaunts top notch production, making this song a very effective and professional tribute.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Extra Credit" by Yoni (Adult-Alternative artist from Ft Lauderdale, Florida (FL))

"Extra Credit" by the Florida based singer-songwriter Yoni is filled with honest lyrics, excellent guitar work, funky walking bass lines, and rhythms that keep the songs moving in the right way. The CD has already received some success with the song "Twentysomething," which has apparently been licensed by MTV, PBS, and The Oxygen Network. Yoni's lyrics are very relevant, especially for anyone in their twenties who is just getting out of college and thrown into the real world. Each song has a pop sensibility about it, yet so much substance. In addition to meaningul lyrics, Yoni's songwriting on the CD is filled with memorable melodies. Furthermore, the musicianship is top notch. From the upbeat driven Twentysomething, to the mellow "Consider This," to the jazzy "Morning" the CD shows Yoni's diversity in songwriting and musical style. The overall production on the album sounds great as well. Experience this fine work by a very talented artist. Pick up a copy today!
-Eric O. and the RadioIndy Team
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

“Isla Magnifica” by Frank Tuma (World artist from Florida (FL))

"Isla Magnifica" by Frank Tuma is best likened to a picture-perfect tropical paradise, musically speaking that is. These instrumental tunes take on a lively Caribbean groove, engaging listeners with thrilling rhythms, native percussion, triumphant brass arrangements, and bright steel pans. The musicianship is high throughout this CD. "Topsy – Turvy" displays all of these delightful qualities, while introducing the captivating sounds of the native flute. "I Just Can't Leave This Place" shifts vibes rather dramatically, steering toward a softer, more serene acoustic-guitar-driven sound. Whatever the song profile – fast or slow, serene or vibrant – Frank Tuma tackles it with island flair.
-Xavier P. and
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Overshadow Me" by Annie Karto (Spiritual artist from Florida (FL))

Filled with 11 wonderful songs, "Overshadow Me" takes a spirit-filled journey into the lovely Annie Karto's heart. As a bonus, four songs reprise at the end as instrumentals, which gave us time to reflect and cherish those songs completely. The music on the CD fills the heart and soul. Karto truly has a gift of singing, and her songwriting reflects a divine desire to provide the world with God's message of love. Sincere phrases, beautiful musicianship, and Annie's melting delivery take the listener of this CD on a musical mission. We are sure the softly spoken prayers and beautiful melodies of "God My Father" and "I Am Yours" will remain long in your soul even after the song is over. We've become an instant fan of this CD. If you enjoy beautiful acoustic spiritual music, you will too.
-Terri and the RadioIndy Team
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