Tuesday, September 16, 2008

“I've Got Joy" by Errol and Kaye Leslie (Reggae Artist from Florida(FL))

Jamaica natives Errol and Kaye Leslie are at it again with their outstanding gospel reggae anthems on "I've Got Joy." Combining the southern gospel tradition with upbeat Caribbean rhythms and island beats, Errol and Kaye sing about the importance of Jesus in the world today in a very unique and uplifting way. The energizing arrangements and excellent vocal dynamics, with Errol's booming bass and Kaye's more gospel-oriented alto, take the serious lyrics and somehow turn them into songs that you want to put on a Hawaiian shirt and dance to. Go ahead and try lifting your hand to the sky and sadly wavering back and forth; it's impossible. "I've Got Joy" is well-recorded and the arrangements and vocals alike sound clean and professional. The title track, "I've Got Joy," is a song about the grace and love of Jesus and the joy that it brings and features Errol and Kaye's great vocal dynamics, rhyming lyrics, and a rhythmic horn, drum, and guitar arrangement. "Holy, Holy, Holy" appears to combine a more Caribbean version of Ace of Base's "I Saw the Sign" with the traditional hymn with a vocal performance led by Errol's booming voice. "I've Got Joy" is an excellent and unique album that makes worship fun and even danceable. Fans of gospel reggae or those searching for good music with a Christian message should definitely check out Errol and Kaye Leslie.
-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Review Team
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

“Karma Knows...” by Boz (Rock Artist from Florida(FL))

"Karma Knows..." is the adult contemporary solo debut from singer/songwriter Boz. Known throughout the music world as the frontman of progressive rock band Us, formerly known as The Chosen Few, Boz takes a different direction and delivers a positive, spiritual, and mature album. The arrangements and vocals are in the same vein as the career artists before him, including Peter Gabriel, Sting and Don Henley. The lyrics take on a variety of aspects of human life such as self-realization, lost love, and one's relationship with God. "Karma Knows..." is well-produced, sounds professional and is ready for radio play. "Reservation" has a unique arrangement with a great beat, nice vocals, and thoughtful lyrics. "Thank You (In So Many Ways)" is a piano-led song with soaring violins, a great vocal performance from Boz, and inspiring spiritual lyrics. Overall, "Karma Knows..." is an impressive solo debut from an experienced musician who has his sights set on taking his craft in an interesting new direction. Fans of Boz's career work and fans of modern adult contemporary are going to want to pick this one up.
-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Review Team
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“Expressive Moods” by IFARI (Reggae Artist from Florida)

"Expressive Moods" is a roots reggae rock album from Guyana native IFARI that features nine uplifting and spiritual tracks. IFARI is Robert Carroll, who brings great reggae vocals and creative experimental arrangements to the table while singing songs of faith and self-realization. "Expressive Moods" features great beats, some excellent bass guitar work, guitar, keyboard, and a variety of other instruments IFARI experiments with, including whistling. The recordings sound great and clean, realizing the full sound IFARI dreamt up with each track. "Hail I" is a slower song featuring keyboard and a great beat, as Carroll sings about freedom and praising Jah. "Conquering Lion" has a great arrangement with horns, a driving beat, keyboards, and a nice bass lick. Not only that, it possesses great lyrical imagery, and has a catchy chorus. Overall, "Expressive Moods" is an impressive album highlighted by the spirituality in the arrangements, lyrics, and vocals. Fans of faith-based roots reggae rock should give IFARI a listen.
-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Review Team
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

"My Life" by Erly Thornton (Jazz Artist from Florida(FL))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Erly Thornton with a GrIndie Award for their CD "My Life"
"My Life" is a contemporary jazz/soul album that features the outstanding saxophone work of Erly Thornton. The sound is one that is difficult to put a label on. There are great elements present from many different genres, although smooth jazz is probably the most predominant. The musicianship is superior on this album and the arrangements are unique and intelligent. There is a constant upbeat, yet smooth vibe to all of the songs. All of the instruments are well represented, meaning you can hear everything. The relationship of the layers is well produced. This album will relax you and get your heart pumping at the same time. Highlights include "JJ's Bounce," which takes you off the map a little bit with urban beats and a funky groove. "Fantasy" speaks for itself in the title and features one of the best sax performances on the album. "Grooveelatious" is another self-explanatory track. There is more than groove to this one though, as it takes you on an airy journey. If you enjoy contemporary/smooth jazz saxophone, you'll love this CD and this talented saxophonist.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Monday, September 1, 2008

"Shadow of a Dim Light" by IFARI (Reggae Artist from Florida(FL))

IFARI's "Shadow of a Dim Light" is an upbeat roots reggae album filled with catchy tracks that inspire creativity and overall wellbeing. Currently residing in Florida but originally from Guyana, IFARI brings a refreshing, true reggae sound and great poetic songwriting to the States. "Shadow of a Dim Light" is filled with strong words and solid arrangements focused on both a great musical and spiritual experience. The album's production value is very good as well, and it sounds great, with all the instruments having equal representation in the mix. Highlights include the title track, "Shadow of a Dim Light," which kicks things off with a great hook and melody that reel you right in. "Wife and Pickney" brings an instant smile to your face with an uplifting progression and another great melody. "Congo" features a grooving bass line and nice percussive elements. "Shadow of a Dim Light" is an overall success that well-blends great musicianship with inspiring lyrics. If you are a fan of inspiring reggae that is true to it's roots, give IFARI a shot.
-William & the RadioIndy.com Review Team
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