Wednesday, August 20, 2008

“Pulse” by Dr. Otto (Jazz Artist from Florida(FL))

"Pulse" is an excellent jazz record from arranger/composer/trumpeter Dr. Otto that dabbles in experimental, Latin, and smooth jazz, as well as r&b and funk, to create an overall fresh and enjoyable sound. It's not just a stage name – Dr. Otto is the real deal. He earned his doctorate in arranging and composition from the Manhattan Conservatory of Music, and "Pulse" is a strictly professional album. Through his close attention to detail and great instrumental layering, Dr. Otto and company have crafted nine trumpet-led tracks with a variety of solid arrangements that incorporate Latin guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and other horns into the sound. "Pulse" was also produced by Dr. Otto, so is there any doubt that the record has a clean and professional sound to it? "Barcelona" introduces the album nicely with a Latin guitar intro, great instrumental layering, an underlying smooth jazz sound, and preliminary trumpet solos that show you that Dr. Otto means business. "Rock Wit Cha" is another smooth jazz track with r&b and funk elements that relies mostly on the funk bass and muted trumpet, but features great layering of the entire accompaniment. "Pulse" is a solid album led by Dr. Otto's great trumpet work that would make Miles Davis proud. Jazz aficionados one and all, you're going to want to pick this one up.
-Chris & the Review Team
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

“The Greatest Hits of Mr. X” by Clive Stevens (Electronic artist from Florida (FL))

"The Greatest Hits of Mr. X" is an eclectic grouping of songs that span a variety of global genres brought to you by Clive Stevens. This is the ninth solo release from Stevens, and this album shows his musical experience and maturity, as well as his knowledge of world music as a whole. Stevens' influence is based firmly in jazz music, and this album is even dedicated to great jazz musician Miles Davis. The complete sound of his arrangements are derived from funk, rock, reggae, electronic, and new age as well. The songs are diverse, rhythmic, and true to the Clive Stevens sound. The majority of the tracks are instrumental, but when Stevens sings, his vocal performance is reminiscent of Sting and Peter Gabriel, often coupled with a talented female vocalist. "The Greatest Hits of Mr. X" is well-produced, with clean vocals and arrangements that are ready to burst through your speakers. "Mystique Chic" is a smooth jazz instrumental with great saxophone and guitar solos, as well as some nice guitar and drum work. "Saturnight" is an electronic jazz fusion track with a great instrumental arrangement that makes you want to move. Overall, "The Greatest Hits of Mr. X" is a solid album from a seasoned professional. It's great for fans of jazz fusion and a Miles Davis-inspired sound.
-Chris & the Review Team
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“New Life” by Errol and Kaye Leslie (Reggae Artist from Florida(FL))

"New Life" is the third gospel reggae release from impressive writer/composer duo Errol and Kaye Leslie. Originally from Jamaica, but currently taking up residence in Florida, Errol and Kaye smoothly incorporate Caribbean reggae rhythms into their gospel songs for their music ministries. The result is twelve upbeat and rhythmic tracks about the importance of Jesus in our day to day existence and the necessity of putting one's life into God's hands. Errol and Kaye, combined with the backing vocalists, create some great vocal dynamics on this album. Errol has a great booming bass reggae vocal, and Kaye a strong alto more lenient to the gospel end of the sound. "New Life" features great production quality. It sounds very clean and makes you feel as though you are in a Caribbean tent revival. "Caribbean Gospel Medley" defines Caribbean gospel perfectly with an attention-getting beat, great vocal layering, and lyrics about redemption. The title track, "New Life," is an Elvis-esque southern gospel track with great booming doo-**** vocals from Errol, more great vocal layering, and a classic arrangement. Overall, "New Life" is an accomplishment, as it combines the fun, upbeat sounds of the Caribbean with serious and heartfelt gospel lyrics. If the fusion of reggae with gospel appeals to you, I strongly recommend that you check out Errol and Kaye Leslie.
-Chris & the Review Team
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Nothing But Love" by Sal Belloise (Pop Artist from Florida(FL))

RadioIndy is pleased to present Sal Belloise with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Nothing But Love"
"Nothing But Love" by Sal Belloise is a blues driven acoustic rock album with a great live/raw quality to it. Sal's vocal performances are the big factor in achieving this sound as they are very clear and nicely produced. The instruments all have a great "Room" sound and the arrangements and lyrics are creative. Throw all of these factors together and you get an album that sounds like it was recorded in a coffee shop....but in a good way. The acoustic guitar work on the CD is impressive. Highlights include the title track "Nothing But Love," which has a catchy chorus, a standout bass line and some nice harmony in the vocals. "Wonderful Day" has some intricacy to it with tricky rhythms and changes, yet it is very listenable. Great blues riff too. "Wave of Life" has another awesome blues riff and more good vocal harmony. If you enjoy adult rock acoustic artists, give Sal a try.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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